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Life: Don’t Take It For Granted

I cannot explain the emotions I encountered throughout the past week. I’ve seen a little bit of smiles. I’ve heard some laughter. And I’ve bawled with a few close ones. As tears came out of my eyes, I reflected on the very short life that a wonderful person lived. This wonderful person left behind a group of friends who love her and a family who will never forget the affection she gave to them.

Last week, I received a phone call that changed my life. I found out that my high school sweetheart died from a tragic car accident. Even though we haven’t been in good terms for over a year, a pool of great memories immediately injected into my mind. Amy, my high school sweetheart and first love, passed away after a life of only 21 years.

Throughout the past week of mourning, weeping, screaming, and tearing, I reflected on the person that Amy was. She was a great friend, a charming girlfriend, and the best daughter any parent could ever ask for. She was an angel to many, which is why she left behind so many people that loved her. Through these reflections, I learned three important lessons in life.

Let’s start with friendship. Ever since Amy was young, she encountered many people whom she never lost contact with. Amy was a loving friend who cherished many simple moments with people she bumped into in her 21 years of life. I was fortunate enough to be one of them. Her passing has taught me to embrace my friends and never let small things turn into big problems. Life is too short for us to hold grudges and fight over silly issues. Let’s cherish our friends and never let them go, as they are a very important part of our lives.

Amy was the first person who showed me how it was like to be truly loved a person. Her love and affection showed me that someone truly cared about me. She made the same affection known to Jonathan. This shows me that if you someone that truly loves you, NEVER let that person go. Do not take love for granted, as it may only come once in a lifetime. Live. Learn. Love.

The final lesson is the importance of family. Family brought me into this world. I know that my parents are the only people I can ever count on whenever I need anything. Considering that life is short, embrace all of your family and never let them go. Do not hold grudges with your family, as these grudges may come to haunt you in the end. There can never be anything more important than family. Not money, not riches, not fame nor fortune, and definitely not success. Family is the most important aspect of life. NEVER let it go.

As we move on with our lives, let’s ponder on these three lessons. They are very vital to living a complete life. Amy may have been young when she passed, but she definitely made sure to complete these three aspects, which are life’s most vital lessons. Remember to live, learn, and love.



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